Term 1 (September 2019 – December 2019)

Sunday 1st September

Staff Returns–Set up.

Monday 2nd September

First Day of School for Returning Children

Saturday 7th September

Parents ‘Orientation Day

Sunday 8th September

First Day of School for New children 

Saturday 30th November

Commemoration Day  (School closed  – ** to be confirmed)

Sunday 2nd December

UAE National Day (School closed  – ** to be confirmed)

Thursday 12th December

Last Day of Term 1 (Latest pick up for children at 14:00)

 15th Dec- 2nd  Jan

Winter Club

Wednesday  1st January

New Year Holiday – (School closed  – ** to be confirmed)

Special Events & Celebrations:

Halloween, Diwali, Dentist’s Visit, UAE National Day,

 Doctor’s Visit, Field Trip, Parent-Teacher Meeting,  Winter Concert.


Term 2 (January 2020 – March 2020)

Saturday 4th January

Staff Returns/ Parent Orientation Day

Sunday 5th January

First Day of School for all children 

Thursday 26th March

Last day of Term 2 (Latest pick up at 14:00)

29th March – 9th April

Spring Club

Special Events & Celebrations:

Sports Day, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day,

Doctor’s Visit, Parent-Teacher Meeting.Farewell Ceremony.


Term 3 (April 2020 – June 2020)

Saturday 11th April

Parent Orientation Day / Staff Returns

Sunday, April 12th April

First Day of School for all children 

Sunday 26th April

Ramadan Begins (** to be confirmed)

 Sunday 24th  May

Ramadan Ends (** to be confirmed)

Thursday, May 30th

Ascension Day (School closed  – ** to be confirmed)

Wednesday 1st July

Last day of Term 3

Thursday 2nd  July

Nursery closed

Sunday 5th July

Summer Club Begins (Latest pick up at 14:00)

Special Events & Celebrations:

World Book Day & Book Swap, Earth Day, Posh Paws, Doctor’s Visit, Field Trip& Father’s Day, Ice Cream Day, FS1 Graduation, Parent-Teacher Meeting.

** PLEASE NOTE: Islamic Holidays dates are subject to change in accordance with moon sighting.

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