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At Toddlers International Nursery we value the parents' role as their child's first and most enduring educators and we understand the importance of parents being fully involved in their child's learning and development. Therefore, we strive to work closely with our families to create the best environment for each and every child by constantly promoting a two way flow of information and knowledge.

We are also committed to making families feel welcome and valued through a range of opportunities for collaboration and participation. These include:

  • Writing articles for our monthly Newsletters;
  • Organizing events as a member of our Parent Committee;
  • Celebrating your child's birthday at the Nursery;
  • Helping in Field Trips and other school events/celebrations;
  • By being a part of one of our 'special clubs': Parents will be invited into their child's classroom to conduct an activity, such as reading a story, cooking or baking or playing a musical instrument with our children.

We also encourage any form of feedback that will help us to improve the supportĀ that we provide for your child. For suggestions, general feedback/questions or more information on our 'Parents as Partners' Programme, kindly enquire with your child's classroom teacher or at our Admin office.