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Our mission is to ensure that your children are cared for in a warm, safe and stimulating environment. Our holistic approach aims to take into account each child's unique religious, ethnic and cultural background. We recognize that every child is different and endeavour to deliver the best possible experience in the most flexible manner. We will be dedicated to making your child's experience at Toddlers International a happy and stimulating one. We will strive to encourage each child's development naturally while instilling the basics of proper social behavior and promoting appropriate interaction with other children.

Toddlers International Nursery is committed to providing each child with a carefully prepared environment that allows them to develop intellectual, social and physical skills to the utmost of their individual potential. We believe that as the child grows in each of these areas, so does his or her sense of self-confidence, independence, self-discipline and respect for others.

By supporting each child's innate love of learning, we hope to make their introduction to education a joyful and purposeful one that prepares them better for their own life long journey of development and growth.