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Welcome to Toddlers International Nursery!

Since 2009, Toddlers International Nursery is committed to providing a secure and stimulating Early Years Education experience for young children. We foster a carefully prepared environment which takes into account each child's individual needs in order to grant children with a 'home away from home' – a place where they can develop to their utmost individual potential and at their own pace.

Guided by the principle of “nurturing with love, inspiring through learning”, Toddlers International Nursery aims to promote children's growth and development by providing young learners with a safe, stimulating and multi-cultural environment which endorses learning through play. We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS) and strive to nurture the whole child while offering a variety of interesting and hands-on activities meant to motivate children to become more confident and independent learners. From our Principal to all our teachers and staff, each employee at Toddlers International Nursery is experienced and well trained to meet your child's needs and make them feel happy, safe and secure.

At TIN we build on the diversity and richness of experiences that children bring to the nursery. We always strive to ensure that their family backgrounds, cultural heritage and interests are positively celebrated as we know that this will have a positive effect on children's learning and self-esteem.

We welcome you and your little ones to take this opportunity and be a part of Toddlers International Nursery. If you would like to learn more about us, discuss registration of your child or arrange a visit, please contact the nursery office via phone call on: 043983111 or via email: